An Interview with Visual Artist Josh Knight

For this article I chose to interview another one of my coworkers, Josh Knight.  Together we make up two of the several Teaching Associates within the Visual Arts department at Coastal Carolina University. Josh is a prolific portrait artist and an amazing visual arts instructor at the university. He is of indigenous descent, but that doesn’tContinue reading “An Interview with Visual Artist Josh Knight”

Creating A Traveling Exhibit That Breaks Down A Stereotype 

  For the past six months, I have been part of a group creating a traveling exhibit for the state of South Carolina. The name of the exhibit is “Resilience and Revolution: Native Peoples in 18th Century South Carolina”. The goal of this exhibit is to reveal the rich diversity and powerful resilience of Native Peoples inContinue reading “Creating A Traveling Exhibit That Breaks Down A Stereotype “

Native American Heritage Month 2021

As we enter November, which is recognized as “Native American Heritage Month,” I can’t help but wonder are the indigenous people of North America in a better place now than a year ago. As I ponder this question I wonder if I can truly answer that question. I’m not of tribal descent, and no matterContinue reading “Native American Heritage Month 2021”