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Ancient Futures: An Interview with Lio Mehiel

Trans futurity, history, and the body This year, I have found myself startled by the amount of art and inclusion of trans bodies in museum spaces. In the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Fashioning Masculinities, I saw more representation of trans bodies, particularly trans masculine bodies, in a non-queer space. Often, when trans bodies are highlightedContinue reading “Ancient Futures: An Interview with Lio Mehiel”

Creating A Traveling Exhibit That Breaks Down A Stereotype 

  For the past six months, I have been part of a group creating a traveling exhibit for the state of South Carolina. The name of the exhibit is “Resilience and Revolution: Native Peoples in 18th Century South Carolina”. The goal of this exhibit is to reveal the rich diversity and powerful resilience of Native Peoples inContinue reading “Creating A Traveling Exhibit That Breaks Down A Stereotype “

The Art of Graciousness

graciousness [ grey-shuhs-nis ] the quality or state of being benevolent, courteous, and kind: noun A mere three days ago, many in our country participated in a holiday celebrating the United States. Chicago witnessed the latest carnage due to a semi-automatic weapon mowing down parade attendees. Instead of using this space to celebrate our country or writingContinue reading “The Art of Graciousness”


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